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In 2010 thousands of young people  participated in our schools programme we had positive feedback from learners and educators and many of the schools visited are booking the lecture -demonstrations for 2011.  To all those learners out there inform your educators about the Sibikwa schools programme for 2011. Those of you who attended Animal Farm@Dance Factory will remember the special occasion it was -apart from getting out of the stuffy classroom which is a relief you had a good time.SOOOO — contact us asap to book and get in early.



“South Africa Now and Then

We invite you to join us in celebrating “South Africa Now and Then” the theme of our Saturday Arts Academy closing Concert.

The Sibikwa Saturday Arts Academy learners will exhibit their hard work to parents, funders and the community as a whole. Come, be in awe of the talent and creativity cultivated in our learners as we celebrate “South Africa Now and Then” through Music, Dance and Drama.

Date: Sunday 28 November 2010

Time: 9:30am – 12h30pm-Juniors & Intermediates.

12:30pm – 1:30pm – Lunch.

1:30pm – 4:30pm- Seniors.

Venue: 13 Liverpool Road

Cnr Liverpool & Bolton Street

Benoni South (next to Benoni Station)

We welcome you to share in the successes of the Sibikwa Arts Centre and look forward to sharing our End of Year Concert festivities with you at Sibikwa.

Phillip or Linda at (011) 422-4359 OR



See the Programme Below

18th November 2010


Visual Arts students from Wits

Coordinated by TalyaLubinsky

Roberto Pombo

Title: Buck

This is an image driven piece, exploring the dynamics of a father-son relationship. Elements of puppetry, mask and dance are used to convey this complex relationship. Please be aware, strobe lighting is used in this piece.


(Moving into Dance Mophatong)

Title: Strength in Woman

It talks about the caring, loving, nurturing, soft and feminine part of women. They are mothersof the nations because they gave birth to it! People must start respecting and valuing women’s braveness and the care they provide for their families.



(Blagora Performing Arts Productions)

Title: Madala


This piece is an exploration of township dance and its compatibility with theatre and contemporary dance with the aim of showing the metamorphosis of the aged. Through this work, we hope to enhance communication between old magogos and madalas (township grandparents) and the younger generations.



Title: Floor Flow

Energetic movement is flowing through this piece which is electrifying in its use of powerful speed.



(Stash the Suitcase Projects)

Title: Infectious

Infectious is a solo performance art piece that focuses on an issue we encounter on a daily basis. You have chosen to turn a deaf ear and now the consequences are near! The unravelling of this character is silent.




Title: Love at First Site

This piece is about love, confusion and guilt. A girl meets a boy and falls in love with him, even though she has a boyfriend. She has to finally choose which one she should be with.


(Moving into Dance Mophatong)

Title: Lost and Found

Music: Phillip Glass

This dance was choreographed by FanaTshabalala during his residency with Michel Kelemenis&Cie in France. In the piece, Tshabalala looks at his life’s journey as well as the influence that others have had over him.  MIDM and Fana would like to thank Michel Kelemenis&Cie as well as IFAS for making this work possible.




Title: Russian and Chip(s)

This abstract work illustrates a woman whose self-esteem is belittled and fragmented due to domestic violence caused by her “unusually sensitive” husband. Even though her level of self- esteem has diminished, she has the strength to prevent herself from being severely injured during this common pattern of violence.


Title: Is Over

Is Over tells the story of South Africa through dance. It speaks of the power of the youth in Mzamsi.

Freddie Zwane


Title: Unnatural Presents

19th November 2010


Visual Arts students from Wits

Coordinated by TalyaLubinsky


(Blagora Performing Arts Productions)

Title: Checkers ‘The Plastic’

Choreography: MbusoKgarebe

Society’s aspirations, ideologies, colours, paradoxes and absurdities are seen in this performance. The performer explores a language with “the plastic” to embody different lifestyle options and eventually learns to be more “green”.



Title: Klepto

Kleptospeaks of how being in power leads to greed and selfishness.



(Dora’s Dancers)

Title: Gospel

Choreography: Dora Mbokazi

This piece will use music, movement and God’s given talents to show the audience that anything is possible if you have patience and believe in yourself.

Craig Morris

(Untouchable Productions)

Title: Foil

Created together with Roslyn Wood-Morris

“Madam, you have bereft me of all my words. Only my blood speaks to you in my veins; and there is such confusion in my powers”. (W. Shakespeare) A woman cultivates words, nurtures them, desires only for them to be heard. A man finally does hear…but doesn’t have words of his own to respond.


Title: Singing with My Feet

The history of gumboot dancing is related to the tragic history of apartheid. Singing with My Feet explores how we can transform this dance into a celebratory one, one which speaks of South Africa today.



(Dora’s Dancers)

Title: Finding Love

Choreography: Dora Mbokazi

This piece is about a girl who is searching for love. She’s lonely and needs to find love from family, friends or from a guy.


Title: Verbal Eclipses

Do you listen because you want to? Or do you listen because you have to? If not, why do you listen?This piece is inspired by Hip Hop music.


Title: He “9” Moa

This piece is about having two lives; one you reveal and the other you hide. This hidden self is your true self. You may go your whole life without ever revealing it because you are scared of rejection.


Leigh Nudelman

Title: Miss Tutu

Miss Tutu is based on the character of Sarah from the bible. Rabbi Tzvi Freedman notes that “where Chava [Eve] entered in darkness, Sarah switches on the light” (Women of the Inner Bible). Miss Tutu’s puppeteer is a newly married, fourth generation Jewish South African.

20th November 2010


Visual Arts students from Wits

Coordinated by TalyaLubinsky

Mpho Kunene

Title: God, Music and Dance

This piece takes the audience on a journey. It explores dance as a metaphor in a specific space to allude to something higher than just ourselves and our daily existence.




Title: My Skin, My Colour

Live Music: Lucky Tshimbudzi

This piece explores sexual abuse of the prostitute who works on the street.  We often hear of sexual abuse of women and children, the innocents of the world, but we hardly ever hear of the abuses that the prostitute has to face day and night.


Joni Barnard

(Stash the Suitcase Projects)

Title: Topdeck, Draft 1

Unwrapping the tops and bottoms of the insideouts,Topdeck is a physical theatre solo that explores the inversions of one woman’s desires.


Kerry-Lee Brandt

Title: Dance of the Valkyrie

Music: Karl Jenkins

This is a solo performance using the myth of the Valkyrie. A Valkyrie is a mythical being likened to a crow but also sometimes a swan.



(Siya-fumeka Dance Company)

Title: Modern Taught

There is a load that the head has to carry. The head is the heaviest part of the body. The body holds tight for the head not to explode. Modern Taught is about the psyche of society; men and women trying to make it in life, identity, sex and money.

Joe Teffo

Title: Exile in My Body

Exile in My Body tells a story of how cancer alienates “the self” from the body. The body battling cancer could be compared to the emotional journey of exile. Both are experiences of loss, pain and tragedy.




Title: Man Don’t Talk

But does anyone deserve to be abused in marriage? If marriage is meant for happiness, then abuse shuld not be employed in the quest for a happy marriage.


Oscar Nhlanhla Buthelezi

(Moving into Dance Mophatong)

Title: Dreaming the Journey of Success

This piece speaks of a dream that begins a journey to success. It is a frustrating journeybut one that must be conquered through hard work and dedication.




Title: Who’s Black?

People think they are black although they are not.



(Moving into Dance Mophatong)

Title: Within me

This is a dance piece how I have developed and grown to be a leader to some of the people I live with. I express my love for performing which has finally been reflected into their eyes and ears. I am the light to the hopeless. I am shining like a ball of fire.


Sibikwa would like to thank the following people for their contribution:

Thanks to BASA for making the festival possible

Thanks to Rand Merchant Bank for supporting the Sibikwa Arts Dance Company

Thanks to Leigh Nudelman for coordinating the event

Thanks to Distell for the Esprit

Thanks to Etana Insurance



DATE: 18th October 2010



The Sibikwa Arts Dance Company is proud to present BREAKING NEW GROUND; a cutting edge festival of new work by solo performer’s .This exciting experimental showcase allows artists to push the boundaries of their skills and creativity. This Festival of solo performance seeks to give performers an opportunity to create new solo work in a stimulating environment.  It will be hosted at the SCI – BONO Centre in Newtown. Performances are from the 18-20 November from 6 – 9pm.

The festival was inspired by Denmark-based Butoh dancer and choreographer Boaz Bakan, who has collaborated with The Sibikwa Arts Dance Company for four years. Boaz suggested the festival as a platform for new work, to encourage performers to constantly extend their performance and choreographic skills.

The festival is open to professional / semi-professionals artist interested in performing a solo piece of not more than 15minutes long. The performer may be accompanied by live musicians. Each performer will be required to pay an entry fee of R50 in order to cover basic costs. The festival will cater for a maximum of 36 performers. Those performers interested in participating should apply immediately to or contact her on 011 422 2132 for more information and an entry form.

The festival will take place from Thursday the 18 November to Saturday 20th November from 6 – 9pm. Admission fees R30 per person . Don’t miss out on this outstanding Solo Performance Festival brought to you by The Sibikwa Arts Centre in partnership with  Rand Merchant Bank and Business Arts South Africa (BASA)

For more general and media inquiries contact or (011) 422 4359 or visit our Website: Blog: Facebook: Sibikwa Arts Centre Ndaba



Animal Farm brought to you by the SIBIKWA ARTS CENTRE, is back by popular demand. Orwell’s chilling “fairy story” is a timeless and devastating satire on idealism betrayed by power and has given the world the immortal phrase “Some are more equal than others”. Directed and adapted by Phyllis Klotz, last year thousands of high school learners were the opportunity to experience this controversial production at the Dance Factory in Newtown.  

 When the downtrodden animals of Animal Farm overthrow their master Mr Jones and take over the farm, they imagine it is the beginning of a life of freedom and plenty with everyone sharing everything equally. But the animals find themselves hopelessly ensnared as one form of tyranny is gradually re-placed by another. This fast moving musical dramatization is fresh and immensely enjoyable without jeopardizing the savagery of the original material. It comes as no surprise that educators requested the production to run for another year. 


Andries Mbali as Minimus

   Phyllis Klotz has assembled the same talented creative team, acclaimed choreographer Gregory Maqoma, costume and set design by award winning Sasha Ehlers. Kabelo Thai will once again enthrall audiences with his portrayal of Benjamin the taciturn and wise donkey. Andries Mbali returns to amuse audiences with his hilarious depiction of Minimus the silly pig.


Kabelo Thai as Benjamin

  Performances will be held at the Dance Factory, President Street Newtown – (Secure parking available for buses and cars)   

PREVIEW PERFOMANCES: 14th August – 15th August 2010   

PRICE: R25 (No block booking price)   

TIME: 14h30 pm   


PERFORMANCES SHOWS: 16th August – 28th August 2010   

PRICE: R60 – R40 for block booking (10 or more) 1 Free ticket per educator for every 50 tickets booked   

16 AUGUST, 17 AUGUST, 18 AUGUST @ 11h00 and 14h00 >> 19 AUGUST, 20 AUGUST @ 11h00 >> 21 August @ 14h00   

23 AUGUST, 24 AUGUST, 25 AUGUST @ 11h00 and 14h00 >> 26 AUGUST, 27 AUGUST @ 11h00 >> 28 AUGUST @ 14h00   

For More info please contact Lerato or Linda @ (T) 011 422 4359 or (F) 011 421 2346   

Or e-mail or   












“Reduce – Re-use – Recycle”


Sibikwa will be bringing the award winning Trash Truck show to your community. This lively energetic and innovative entertaining production is not to be missed. It will bring a smile to your face while you watch the antics of the characters on stage.

TRASH TRUCK use of drama as a tool for education is the driving principle behind the environmental awareness program. The performance is designed to capture the imaginations of its audience through a vivid visual feast of song, dance, popular music and humor, all creatively interwoven to convey the vital message of caring for the environment. The experience of this dynamic traveling theatre production is invariably catalytic.

One of TRASH TRUCK’s most significant innovations is the transformation of Waste Management and the picking up of litter from a negative experience, to a positive and entertaining, learning encounter that engenders pride and responsibility, rather than duty and punishment. One only has to look at the face of an enthralled audience member to appreciate the value of the learning experience.

Through the active and lively participation of audience and actors, cleaning up and looking after the environment is altered from a duty performed begrudgingly to a responsibility carried out with pride. A responsibility that comes with the right to enjoying a beautiful, clean & healthy environment.




Trash Truck is a FREE SHOW and for further information, please contact Lerato OR Linda on

011 422-4359 or e-mail or  or visit our blog





 The indigenous orchestra is an ensemble of ensemble as it portrays identity and loyalty to indigiounity in its space to proclaim ideas of growth and expansion of good works in the arts, music and performance. An outfit comprising of 12 members; 6 Boys and 6 Girls who are determined to evaluate sources of creation through indigenous music, using indigenous instruments.

Our repertoire sees a vast range of songs, styles and patterns ranging from folk songs, marimba music, percussion music, kudu horns, kalimba, makhweyane, uhadi, pen pipes, chants, singing and claping. All come with a suitable style of presenting whilst engaging our audience to create a sense of belonging and appreciation.

Most of our material is original and we tend add a unique flier when rendering a popular item. Our uniqueness is paralleled by our eagerness towards breaking berries of limiting sound to a specific tonality of effects.

It is our love of music, indigenous music that we exist, our pride lies no further than who we are as Africans, the people of minded hearts, we touch your soul through a song of melodies long forgotten thus your carination an affection of remembrance of the first song the first people.